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Originally Posted by bow View Post
Thank you holly, sounds as though I'll be looking though some scopes this sunday. [thorn dell] For the money I though the leopold had the temperature thing sussed. Is there a scope out there that doesn't suffer,? thanks again holly.
Well mate . i tell you , if you are dopey enough to leave a scope in the direct sunlight . then yes there is no scope that will not change . I wear a peaked hat to shoot in to keep the light out . when i stop in the open in strong sunlight , i put the hat on top of the scope to stop the heat getting to it . cold well do as calpin does and keep the rifle in a padded bag between lanes . personally in the winter league ,i just get the rifle out 20 mins before doing the zeroing range , watch how it is effected by any heat or cold that is different from the saturday when i checked it down the club and either add a couple of clicks or take a couple off . the diffrence in leaving a scope in the sun or cold is actually less than leaving a RIFLE in the sun or cold . the Steyr is one to watch when it gets really hot . as it will zoom up in power and be very naughty over the chrono ( i know ) Neil T will be most upset with me cos i am gonna say that the Comps are a bit , well crude . at least compared with the 20+50 . the latter just purrs along , with a lovely smooth sidewheel and clicks to die for . the comp series are really a budget line of bench rest scopes , but they look great like neil t . ( better put that in or neil maydo me a nasty ) with good clicks and sidewheel , but not great . having said that , optically good and the range finding excellent .a very light scope . as said try before buy . not buy before try . i have had all the scopes you can think of except the march ( tooooo much dosh ) and what do i reach for , yep the 20+50 , it can do it all if you can . try one ??? HOLLY

PS try it in 32-35 mag , it will range on that and you do not have to fiddle about going up and down on the power IE ranging high shooting low .
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