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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Oh, something else that looks interesting is that my TX seems to come out with a pretty good BC for Exacts - better than the EV2's in Si's tests. So... that would suggest that a springer (well mine at least) is likely to take less wind than Si's EV2's (even with a JO mega air stripper fitted). Well - in theory anyway. But didn't Jon Harris say that either earlier in this thread or in one of the other pellet threads?.
Yes he did. Springer BC's were better than PCP BC's according to Jon.
Jon did not elaborate on this but it has stuck in my mind for some time now.

I think this "better BC from springers" effect could be due to one of two things: 1. the difference in the jet of air that follows the pellet when it exits the muzzle or 2. the different effect of the blast of air that starts the pellet moving in the barrel.

ad1. The stronger jet of air following the pellet in a PCP might cause more yaw thus higher drag and lower BC.

ad.2 I guess that the blast of air that starts the movement of the pellet from a PCP is shorter with a higher peak pressure when compared to a springer. The springer builds the pressure slower with a lower peak pressure. The high pressure blast from a PCP might change the outer shape of the skirt of the pellet to a larger diameter thus causing higher drag.

I'd really like to know what you guys think.
It may lead to a different idea on the setup of regulators and valves in PCP's. More mimicking a springer pressure profile.
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