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Rob, the 3rd course was 90 deg not 180 although at time it proably felt like it.

I am glad that all that came and shot the courses enjoyed the day and I quite agree that you do not need monster ranges to make the day interesting. Like you said even if you know the ground it does not help you at times just think about the fist lane we shot together you gave it right edge of kill and it just snuck in and I gave the same and it went straight .

My personal opinion is that the courses should use the terrain to the best we can kneeling lanes where you seem to be going downhill and targets high in trees make for the extra difficulty. Also the 3rd (red course) had slight changes made to it between each round a target moved closer here and a couple further away there just to keep you on your toes.

Some lanes did have targets that you could mis-shoot in the heat of the event which you found out . I feel sorry for Kieth even charging you battery up the day before does not mean its going to work the following day.

Now starting to think about the full shoot for the Winter League these things take plenty of planning.

PS Would also like to pass on my thanks from the Farmer for the pause in shooting to allow him to conduct his business, which was successful for him. Thanks
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