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Hi Tomek, i have traveled to many competitions all over Europe in other sports, this always made the event seem more of an occasion. It sounds like you could put on a very good event. I would as i am sure many others would travel to compete if it fitted in with our own national championship calender. If i had to travel abroad to shoot the worlds it would feel to me like a true world championship, i am not saying it isnt at the moment but shooting it in your own country makes it very similar to our domestic series with the addition of the international shooters. So i for one would be in favour of the event changing venue. As you say, hold the euro's and worlds at Kelmarsh on alternate years so there is always an event at Kelmarsh with the other event being held in Europe. To achieve this a European event has to be run first that all nations are able to attend without missing one of there own National events and handicapping them selves in that series by missing an event. The 2012 Euro event could not have been timed worse with regard to our National series with a double round shoot taking place in the UK on that weekend.
I will look forward to such an event being staged.

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