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Originally Posted by Petervw View Post
I understand Pawel's request , in every sport a European or World championship is held in different countries every time
but I must say I really like the setup of the Worlds as it is , eventhough I have to travel by car, boat and car for about 8 hours
I've been to Kelmarsh only twice and really loved both times there, why change a perfect format ?
most shooters come from the UK , I think changing countries will not only bring less shooters to the event but it will bring down the level of shooting as well
I think it is a good idea to rotate with the european championship to see how that goes but I guess there won't be too many countries that are able or willing to organise such an event
I could be wrong but by my knowledge there is no shooting ground in Holland or Belgium that can set up 2 courses and have room for catering, parking, camping space etc. , this is partly because of environmental laws (lead in the ground)
at shoots we have 3 targets in one lane because there isn't room enough for 30 lanes ...
but if the Worlds are to be held somewhere else I'll try to be there (if the job and the misses let me
maybe we can have Kelmarsh every year , one year Worlds the other European , Kelmarsh should stay !!!

I agree with you Peter, why change a perfect format.

Looking forward to seeing you there again.

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