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I'll buy that Rob thanks. Makes sense. Like tapping a table tennis ball with the same force as a snooker ball.

Is there enough surface area at the front of a pellet at these speeds and timescales for the spinning of the pellet to cause sideways curve.

I bowl offspin ... so the 5 1/2 oz cricket ball is being bowled over 22 yards spinning in a clockwise direction at about 50mph. In no wind the ball will curve from right to left. A legspinner spins the ball in an anti clockwise direction. His balls curve from left to right ( stop sniggering at the back ). The more revs usually the more curve and the curve is more if the wind is blowing at you ( so more resistance ? ).

I'm not talking about off the pitch ( because they go the other way ) ... I'm talking through the air before they bounce.

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