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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Because it's still going to be true that if a pellet spends less time in the wind, it won't take as much wind.
Is that for pellets of the same size, weight and profile?

I'm off on a tangent but this also always confuses me.

I shot the S10 the other day in a 10mph sidewind at 45 yard paper targets. I shot 7.9gr Prems leaving the barrel at over 810fps. Then I shot 10.6gr Barracudas leaving the barrel at 700fps. You could actually tell that the Prems were getting there faster. The hold over at 9x with the Barracudas was basically twice that of the Prems at 45 yards with both zero'd at 35 yards.

The much slower Barracudas drifted roughly half the distance of the Prems. Is that because they are a different weight and profile.

I get similar with the 77 when testing 7.9gr Prems and 8.4gr AA. The slower ( 770fps muzzle ) AA's drift less than the faster Prems ( 810fps muzzle ).

... and I thought the Titanic had a problem with gravity in water once the floaty factor had gone?
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