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Originally Posted by bow View Post
Hi all, I have a problem that i'am sure you can shed some light on, I,ve acquired a new steyr the 2014 one.
But I don't know which scope to go for, Ive got a big nikko but its sat on the other gun, quite fancied a leopold but I have,nt a clue which one to go for, with all the enhancers and such that people put on them. anybody out there shed some light on the subject, and what does 1st 2nd 3rd focal plane mean, which one do people use for ft. many thanks.
The second focal plain is the one you are looking for . it means as you mag up the ret lines stay the same size . on the lupes . mainly there are two types used . the MK4 , which is a fixed mag at either 32 or 35 . 40 mil objective lens . so it can seem darkish unless you have very good eyes . light and needs a small sidewheel to be at it's best . small gaps between the top ranges . the 20+50 by 50 is the other comes in two types . but really the are much the same , cept some say the later models are brighter . these are very good scopes BUT can suffer from heat and light changes . also cold . personally i love em . you need to know what you are doing buying a 20+50 cos there are some right plonkers out there as well as the creme . prices for a MK4 are from 450 to 750 depending on if they are a 32 mag or a 35 mag . plus condition and of course there ability to rangefind to your satisfaction the 20+50 goes from 600 to 1000 . both of these need a close focus adapter to use as they mostly only come down to 15 yards without and eight yards with . try before buy . not buy before try . .??? HOLLY
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