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Default I think

I will pre-qualify this with my apology for being brand new to FT but far from new to shooting.

Having played with scopes with inherently large depths of field and scopes with very small depths of field (basically scopes suitable for HFT and FT respectively) I would say the basic approach of adjusting to infinity against the sky is probably OK with FT scopes as the "sweet spot" within the in focus depth has much less chance of being in the wrong spot.

If you want to be super critical though I would say you want the "head bop" spot where the reticle is static in relation to the sight picture to be in the middle of the depth of field at 50-55yards, if you can resolve it

Having said that with my Nikko on 40x that spot is very difficult to be precise about but I can see a slight difference across the field.

having said all that I have tried following the A Team stuff and the general stuff and the difference is tiny and does seem to depend on the lighting conditions.

See here:

For me the difference between the techniques seems so small and with all the other things I am trying to come to grips with i think futher investigation can wait until I have mastered the basics
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