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Was my theory nonsense?

2 athletes that run 100 metres in 12 seconds start a race over say 180 metres. One athlete has a basket on his back and starts with a 2lb weight in the basket. So at 100 yards he is just slightly behind the other guy as 2lb doesn't really make any difference. At 100 yards we throw another 2lb weight in the basket and they run on. So at 150 metres he has now run another 50 metres with 4lbs in his basket so he has fallen behind a bit more ... still nothing too dramatic. At 180 metres the race is over and he has lost by just a small margin. At this point we throw another 4lbs in his basket. He now has 8lbs in his basket but the race is over.

I know the proper analogy would be to say that we poured sand in his basket as he ran along ... but started with just a trickle of sand and then poured it in quicker at the very end of the 180 metres and maybe added most of it in the last few yards ... but if we said that he had 8lb in his basket at the start of the 180 metre race we'd expect him to lose by some way ... but he only had that total amount at the end of the race. He would lose the next 180 metres by quite a lot.

Is this the same that we are doing with the 40 or 50fps difference at the 55 yards. We are thinking that 40fps difference would mean a 15mm difference in poi ... but that 40fps is only achieved right at the 55 yards. The differences right up to a high percentage of that range may have been much less than that. It may have started as 10fps and will have increased gradually over most of the range. So at 45 yards it may have only been 20 odd fps and we all know that a 20fps difference over that range could still give great groups. The extra 20fps difference achieved over the last 10 yards, as one pellet may seriously become unstable, won't open up the group that much as it's just over a small distance 45 to 55 ... so just 10 yards, and the majority of even that extra 20fps may have come in the very last few yards.

That's why I think you would have to do it indoors and with a mid range chrono that you keep moving down the range to see where that fps difference really opens up.

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