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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Ok chaps, I've got a few answers to how it could be possible to hit the same POI with a downrange velocity difference of 40fps.

Shot 1

MV = 739
BC = 0.0301
V at 55yds = 598
Drop = -3.8735 inchesy

Shot 2

MV = 796 fps
BC = 0.0181
V at 55yds = 558
POI = -3.8737 inches

So it's theoretically possible, but you'd have to have a variation at the muzzle of 57 fps and also have a particularly efficient pellet for one shot and a particularly inefficient pellet for the other shot, so I'd say the likelihood of this actually happening in real life is pretty slim. Possible though.
That's that one crossed off then.
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