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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Now I'm not an expert on this, but the way I understand it is that you need to adjust your thinking about what's actually happening.

When a pellet leaves the barrel, it becomes part of the atmosphere and as such it's not being blown by the wind, it's being taken by the wind.
So the only motion the pellet has relative to the wind is forward motion.
The pellet is moving forwards through a substance that just happens to be moving sideways (relative to the ground)

To describe it in another way... You're standing on a bridge over a river that's flowing at 3mph and you drop two sticks off the bridge so they hit the water at the same time. One stick is big, the other is small, but you find that despite the big stick presenting a greater surface area to the flow of water, both sticks travel under the bridge at 3mph.

That's how it was described to me. But like I say, I'm no expert and yes I also think there's something missing from the wind calculation - I just don't know what it is
But wouldn't any ripples or eddies have a greater effect on the smaller stick. A similar analogy would be a a car and a van travelling at 60mph as any cross wind is going to have a far greater effect on the van. I'm sure I've got this completely wrong, I was terrible at physics.
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