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Default You couldn't make it up?

At UKAHFT Cambridge the other week I was taking a prone shot at a target in the woods up a tree.

We were 2/3rds round so the target was seriously splattered so I asked one of my fellow HFTers to pull a couple of times on the resetting string while I was looking through the scope, this sometimes helps by making the kill zone show it self by the subtle movement.

Thanks very much and then took the shot. Bang, splat, target still standing , oh well no change there then, this taget was following a distinct pattern of many others I had shot before it. Not my day.

However, once Im stood up I see the resetting string pulled up tight to the target, its caught between the bark and the trunk of a tree in its path. I pointed it out to my fellow HFters who looked perplexed and then proceeded to try and loosen it without stepping over the firing line.

This they did and we move on. Although my round was not going well I could of done with the point, but decided not to make a fuss and put it down to experience.

What would be the outcome do you think if I raised it with a marshall, would he let me take the shot again?


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