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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Interesting . had the Pro Target and the RN10 which it comes from . the pro target can be a very good rifle ( and then again not ) it would all depend on how it shoots mate . accuracy can on some can be limited . so try it . clean barrel . good pellets and bench it on paper . paper tells no lies . corrick reg good . the trigger mech hides behind a plate under the stock . it can let water in and booger it up . the one i had , trigger wise was . well alright , no more . the stock if standard is heavy and not good to look at . BUT there are loads of bits around for the old pro target , stocks , barrel shrouds . you name it and cos they are not a rifle . i would have thought you could get em posted over to the states . ? it depends on the shooting . IE what does it group like . i could not get an inch at 50 yards with mine benched . if standard with a big scope on , they will be heavy . what will be good is that they should be half the price of a steyr or less . a few years back a gent won the british GP series with an origional RN10 and a custom shop scope . so yes they can do it if you can . anyway . luck to you ??? HOLLY
Here's the rifle - looks nice to me In the hands of a really good shooter (the current owner) it cleaned his home course and came close several other times. Ultimately I'm just somewhat cheap so when you see a gun shoot as well as yours for the half the price my Scrooge-ness starts to come out.

10 shot - 50 yard group

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