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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
Rather than keeping on talking about it why doesn't someone take it on and organise the Euro's in a European country next year.
Chat with Sparky find out what the dates are for the 2014 UKAHFT series.
Pick a date advertise it on here and see how many people are willing to travel, Simples
Those where my thoughts too Greg, if the the serious European HFT shooters would like the big events to be in Europe they should demonstrate the ability to organise and host such an event. At Kelmarsh we have the support of Countrymans Fairs making it far more of an occasion than the usual thunderbox and a tent in a field local events. Organising an event of similar stature that fits within the national championship calendars of all the European countries will take some organising!!
Maybe a date for such an event needs to be set more than a year in advance so the other countries can leave that weekend out of their own calender?
In the uk we have the Pete's, they get support from lots of other people and clubs around the country depending on where an event is being held and do such a fantastic job of running these events to the rest of us the organisation appears effortless. Our European friends need to get them selves organised in a similar way, the hosting country is going to have to do what our Pete's do over here. It would be very difficult for someone to organise an event from outside of that country.

If a European championship event was organised that didnt clash with a national UK event i would attend to support it. Travelling to such an event would be a proper adventure!!

Get on with it!!
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