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Tomek K

I think that is a good idea IF it was the same shooters who were having to choose between going to the Worlds that year or going to the Euros ...

... but the Euros had about 100 shooters and the Worlds had 360. The point I was trying to make was that, at the moment, HFT in the UK has such a following, and not just by serious competitors, that over 300 UK based shooters will go to the Worlds at Kelmarsh EVERY year.

I really don't think that anywhere near 300 UK shooters will ever travel to Europe for the Euros. Maybe a small percentage of those.

So if we do as you say and have the Worlds in the UK and the Euros in Europe every other year ... then there will probably be 200 or more UK based HFT shooters that don't attend either of those events when it's the year that it's the Euros in Europe ( ie no Worlds in the UK that year ).

I would guess that in that case the UKAHFT would run a 2 day event at Kelmarsh anyway and call it the UK open or something like that. I could see that that event would get more shooters attending than the Euros held in Europe that year.

I think those UK serious HFT shooters that would go to a Euros in Europe ( if it didn't clash with a UKAHFT National ) would definitely also go to the World's that same year at Kelmarsh. It probably costs about 25 pounds for 2 day entry plus 40 pounds overnight stay plus 40 pounds fuel ( average per person ) plus food and drink money. So most UK shooters can do the Worlds at Kelmarsh for under 150 pounds ( average ). So that leaves the 30 shooters that are coming from Europe. It's unfortunate that it will cost them a lot more but I can't see the sense in cancelling an event that has 360 shooters EVERY year so that 10% of them don't have to decide whether they travel to the UK for the Worlds or throughout Europe for the Euros.

The sport seems best served by letting 360 people keep shooting at Kelmarsh EVERY year ... it will be very sad if some of the Europeans don't come ... and letting other countries in Europe run the Euros, and let the serious UK shooters travel there for that. If the numbers that attend the Euros in Europe start getting closer to the numbers that attend the Worlds as HFT gets bigger in other countries then it's time to move the Worlds around.

Only my views and I'm nothing to do with UKAHFT.
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