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Well ...

It's almost a gimme that for these tests to be of any use this all has to be done inside with no wind, like Rob says.

It's this 40 and 50fps difference downrange and the same poi vertically that's doing my head in. I know there's the theory that side wind plus the rotational direction of the pellet can make the pellet drift up or down as well as sideways. So I was thinking that maybe the pellets with the better BC were travelling faster, and spinning faster, for longer and the wind made them dip/rise more than the ones with the lower BC, and they all end up in the same place due to different vertical pressures. The chances that that makes them all end up at the same vertical at the exact range that is being used to test is basically silly.

So are the chrono readings reliable?

It also blows apart the theory on downrange chrono = best batch when you read the comment ... " String 5 was a shotgun ".

When I step back and take another look at all this I start to think ... The idea is to see if using the chrono downrange can predict what pellet batches will give best accuracy in that gun. This is instead of relying on a wobbly bloke checking groups with these pellets. To confirm that this is then true ... we use a wobbly bloke checking groups with these pellets.

T'is good fun though guys.

( Edited to remove Stokey vulgarities ... sorry Rob ).

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