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Hi Brian,
Below is what i considered to be the best group, string 6. String 8 was also tight given the wind.

"So from those results I'd say that your best groups should have been with string 8 and 5."

String 5 was a shot gun really. 9 of the 15 pellets spread aprox 30 ml high - low height wise and about 55 ml in width. Some pilot error in that perhaps but I was also aware that by then over 200 pellets had gone through the barrel since sunday so thats why i cleaned before group /String 6. Then i produced the best "groups". These ev2 like a clean barrel!

The wind dropped to a slight breeze for most of string/group 6, apart from a couple of R - L gusts so i discounted them and shot on. 5 pellets spread a bit while 10 went fairly close in the two holes.
There was pilot error on some shots on other groups, I not posting those pics as I already cheared fisher up once this week lol
I will be amazed if he can comtrol himself on this lol
However, I was amazed at some of the shots that went high or low while reading say an average of 570 ish that I am sure I was good on. As I said best bet is to video the event so each reading and pellet strike can be seen, then make notes of each shot as to how good I felt it was. I can, with mind switched on hold very still while grouping?
May have the opertunity to try this again tomorrow in less wind and with another shooter /Ev2 as well, plus of course some alternative die of pellet I have considered to be not very good in terms of groups.

die 47 for example are long pellets like 46, but shotguned when tested a few weeks ago at 50m. Die 43 are short jsb (filled in skirt) that dont group well. Be interesting to see what figures i get from those?
Would 10 shot strings be ok in future, i did find 15 a little distracting in that you get keen to finish and go take a look / move the card target.

I would like to have done the test on my "Pipe" lane but I could not set the chrono up to work on that at 50m as I forgot the tripod and it was bit dark i think for the chrono to see the pellet? It may have been i was aiming to high?
There is far less wind on the Pipe lane and after the chrono testing i did some groups (10 shot) on there which were very good.

I dont know about crono mis reading, I have never used it at such range before. However, so far in normal use I would say the pro chrono is very consistant. I did note at 50m i had to get the pellets under about 5 inchs from the sensor top plate to get a reading and fairly straight between the two sensors. I would say on average the shots were aimed 3 inches about the senso which is the same height we would use at muzzel test

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