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I've done a few calcs to try to figure out the likely causes of a difference of 40fps hitting the same point, and as Conor says, it's possible and we would know more if we knew the MV of those two shots, but... making some assumptions, there would need to be quite a large variation in MV / BC to make 2 pellets hit the same point with a 40fps difference downrange. Realistic difference in POI should be in the region of 7mm to 15mm difference in POI.

So... If I had to put money on it and without meaning to be rude, my money would go on a bit of pilot error perhaps? Or possibly a miss read from the chrono?

Anyway, there's no need to get too hung up on the small details like that, the object of the exercise isn't to accurately explain the trajectory of every shot, the object is...

By recording downrange chrono strings, can we tell the difference between a batch of pellets that groups well and one that doesn't.

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