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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Hang on till the essex 50 mate . have a look around . once you have spent your money it is to late ? the 35 and the 50 would be quite low on my list . there are better things out there . one shooters wonder scope is another shooters pain in the butt . plus ordering new means that you are stuck with it .secondhand means you can try before you buy and on a rifle at known distances .do the ranges that come up repeat , do all the controls work and smoothly . zero it at 35 yards and then go 12 clicks up , 12 clicks right , twelve clicks down and twelve clicks left . this should bring you back to where you started . do the clicks dissapear . do they feel nice . give it all a go , remember a fool and his money are soon parted ( i know ) ??? HOLLY
I know, I know & I am waiting now.. I shall be at the 50 with my lowly 3 x 12 x 44 SR-6, haha..

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