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I love reading these threads and the many others on pellet prep etc.

We all make our own conclusions I suppose. I hear fom guys that I respect that pellet prep is all important and then from others that I equally respect ( like Bri ) that it may not be totally necessary. From what I've heard and from my own findings I'm convinced that there are extremes in tins that will make slight differences in poi.

However I'm totally guilty of probably trying to fine tune the racing engine to get another few mph, when the handbrake is seized on and it's probably best I attend to that first.

I shoot 5x groups HFT prone with the 77 and have managed 4/5 inside a ragged hole. The other pellet opens up the group. However ALL of those pellets have fallen well within a 45 yard 35mm kill in HFT ... the target would be down.

So say I had a given amount of time to throw at airgunning over Winter, outside of comps, and the goal was to knock as many targets down as possible over that Winter. My kneeling is ok but rusty with not shooting all Summer. My standing always needs work. So I'd probably be better putting that time into practising my kneeling and standing and wind estimation, rather than preparing pellets so I can get silly accurate groups shooting prone at paper at 45 yards on a still day at the range.

... but tomorrow I'll change my mind again.

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