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Interesting stuff.

There ARE two things I do wonder about:
1. If you're going to send 20 pellets downrage, what would be the benefit of shooting a downrange string through a chronograph, if you could just as well shoot a couple groups and see what they look like?*

2. I don't know what chronoing device you used, but if it looks anywhere like my shooting chrony (which has the antennae above the device that hold the diffusors), couldn't you just put a pellet-discouraging object (like a wood block) in front of the unit itself, so that only the antennae and the diffusors are at risk?
Looking at how I sometimes shoot, that is definitely something I would do to alleviate any fears of hitting the device itself...

Thanks for this!


*) am I, the Acknowledged Accumulator of Redundant Data, really saying this? I must've cracked...
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