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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Interesting stuff Brian! It lends weight to the theory that a large component of long range accuracy is pellet stability.
It's also interesting (and seemingly improbable) that the downrange velocity consistency could be better than at the muzzle... statistical anomaly?
Going to be. This isn't a measurement of muzzle and down range. It's a sample of muzzle and a sample of down range.

The standard deviation on the best batch is so small it could be upset or bettered if one of the shots was removed or a bad one added. In terms of trend through it's consistent. The batches with less deviation had less down range, and those with more deviation had more. That allows a broad conclusion to be drawn... ie if it's bad coming out of the muzzle, it won't get any better at the target... so one could say that anything that makes a pellet batch shoot with more consistency should be reflected down range. It's just that the differences at the muzzle may not be so apparent. Range seems to amplify the disproportionally. A bad pellet has worse performance than a good one.
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