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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
When conducting tests for a fair result;
Temperature, humidity, wind, air density, altitude all need to be the same for valid conclusions from testing!

The only good thing from a manufactures point of view Brian, chronograph sales will take a spike as they get shot into bits!
I think all those factors were pretty consistent throughout the tests Conor - wind was probably the biggest variable (isn't it always).

I've gotta say, I was bricking it a bit shooting through the chrono sensors at 55 yards, especially on die 45

Anyhoo.. I think what I've managed to do is a) not disprove my theory about pellet stability and downrange velocity, which is a result I guess. And b) prove that there does seem to be a difference (albeit not a huge difference) between different batches of Exacts.

Oh and also c) that if you want to find the best batch - ignore muzzle velocity and shoot groups at 55 yards, pick the pellet that groups best and buy a load of them.

Shocking result, who could have seen that one coming

Oh and I've possibly also cast some doubt in the merit of weighing and sizing pellets too. Again, yet another shocker

Anyway, off to order some die 19 for this season. Will all that help me hit more targets? Doubtful, but it's been fun and kept me out of trouble for a while.
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