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Originally Posted by XTX View Post
Colin, something else that may have a bearing on the target resetting/BC is the barrel twist rate, the 77/97 has a fast twist rate, faster than most PCPs.
Hi Darrin

Cheers for that. Like Brian suggests, we suspected I may be hitting at the bottom of the paddle and them the top or middle so leverage would be different ... so we tried with them hitting the top and bottom and me likewise. No matter where they hit, it wouldn't reset and no matter where I hit, it reset. Like Brian says ... at 30 yards it should be minimal difference if the BC in the 77 was a little better. So dunno.

This is something I've meant to do with the 77 ( shooting over chrono at 45 yards ). The mounts are high on the 77 ( so longer ranges will seem flatter ) but the pellets ( 8.4gr ) still seem to fly very fast down the range and suggest very flat trajectories with the points of aim.

Look forward to the groups Bri.

... and I think you are right Conor ... I managed to shoot my Chrony years ago from 6 inches so goodness knows at 45 yards.

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