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Right o.. just shot some groups at 55 yards in my garden range.

I was shooting next to a fence line that blocks out a fair chunk of wind, but there was still a bit of wind getting through - a fair few shots went straight with some drifting to the right with a left to right wind. ( I didn't measure the wind speed, couldn't be arsed ).

Oh and I think I lost count of how many shots I took with die 45 - I thought I'd taken 10, but I did lose count at one point and looking at the target afterwards I'm pretty sure I can count 12 holes.

( I'd make a crap scientist wouldn't I )

Anyhoo - have a look for yourselves at the result and see what conclusions you draw from them.

The blue 8 ring is 40mm, the red 9 ring is 25mm and the centre blue dot is 11mm (odd I know, but that's what my ruler says). These were shot off the bag. (I was quite pleased with all of them to be honest)

Notes about my groupings.. there's a pellet strike low and left on the die 45 group. You might think that was just a bad shot, but it felt like I good one to me, so make your own mind up. On the die 19 group there's a shot that went high, can't be sure but that might have been a bit of pilot error. The rest of them all felt like good shots to me (well good for me with a springer anyway).

My conclusion - Die 19 and Die 34 both put in pretty good groups I'd say - I could completely cover the Die 19 group with a 1 coin (and that's my benchmark of success with pellets). I'm not good enough to put in tighter groups than that, I'd say these groups are probably better than my average attempts. The first shot with die 19 went almost smack bang through the centre of the 10 spot. I was so tempted to just stop there and say I'd put 10 shots through

They all seemed to be going a little bit high at 55 yards, maybe my zero's off, but then again this is a bloody springer and they just do what they feel like from one day to the next.

Going on group sizes - it looks to me like die 19 was the winner (marginally) followed by die 34 and lastly die 45 - which actually wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be, apart from the flyer out to the bottom left.

Not very scientific, but the groups do tend to agree with the downrange chrono results - and oddly enough, all the pellets were tending to land at about the same average height despite die 19's slightly higher BC and velocity. (Go figure?)
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