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LOL, Cheers Conor.

Off topic now:- Guy’s how I look at it is (and I can only talk about my personal experience/thoughts shooting FT):-

You can only score one point per target if the target falls over in FT, you cannot score any points for shooting on the highest mag, you cannot score any points for shooting near to the legal power limit and you cannot score any points for the cleanest pellets with the most consistent weight, with a totally shiny finish, cleaned and lubed, (But finding the correct batch of pellets to suit your rifle will assist you to score points.)

So what I am trying to say is, I really do believe that you have to ‘Find your own way’ in FT or any sport really. Forums are great, read the topics and take on board some of the ideas of what people are doing.

But then shoot, shoot, shoot and then shoot some more:- club comps, regional level, national level, and you will gain experience and hopefully learn the much needed lessons about your shooting technique, learning your equipment, controlling your head and thoughts through a comp, shooting in the changing elements e.g. wind, heat, rain etc. etc…… Oh yeah and get a BFTA/shooting coach or say a shooting buddy who you can trust and who is totally honest with you, someone who will tell it to you straight if your technique looks shocking.

I believe that you have to be honest with yourself and determine if you are growing as a shooter, have you gained ‘Consistency’, because anyone can have a good shoot. But can you now string it all together with another consistent score and another…..and another…….

I am really no expert and I am very much still learning a lot about FT and all the relevant parts of the sport to assist me to hopefully gain a consistent higher level to my shooting ability!

Back on topic, I shoot on x30 mag because I couldn't handle shooting on x80 mag – Simples!

But I do use x80 mag for a secret practicing technique on my standing shots that Conor has taught me.

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