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Originally Posted by mr dink View Post
Thank,s for shareing Brian do you intend testing express aswell ?.
If I've got the time I might have a go, I've got a few different batches of Express and some old Mozzies kicking around in my pellet crate that I could try.

It's interesting though.. because I reckon there are far fewer die's of Express than there are of Exacts ( around 12 different die's of Express compared to nearly 50 dies of Exacts )

Something I know about the tins of 7.9's I've got in my crate is that at the muzzle, my TX puts out less muzzle energy with the 7.9's than it does with my 8.4's. Last time I checked (about 6 months ago) 7.9's were coming out at around 795-800 fps compared to 8.4's coming out at about 780. I didn't check downrange though.

If I'm getting a BC of 0.027 with a mega batch of 8.4's compared to say 0.023 with 7.9's the 8.4's will actually have about the same trajectory and take less wind than the 7.9's (in theory).

That tally's up with a side by side test that Andy Calpin did with 8.4's vs 7.9's a couple of years ago.

Of course that's very barrel dependant - if you're lucky enough to find a gun/barrel combination that really likes 7.9's (tested downrange with grouping and a chrono) then I think you're onto a real winner. But the odds of finding a mega batch out of 12 dies is lower than finding a mega batch out of 50 dies and the stumpy 7.9's might end up being less stable in the wind when they reach 50+ yards.

I know people that swear by 7.9's and people that do very well with 8.4's - how much of that is real and how much of it is imagined I couldn't say.

I'll see if I can give it a test later on when I've stopped stalling on shooting some groups in the garden - I fecking hate shooting groups, but I'm going to be honest with my findings, even if it exposes just how crap a shot I really am
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