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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Brian, that just can't work.

Surely washing, sizing, weighing and looking at the pellet in fine detail through a microscope will ensure the best results with your batch.

Imagine the results you would have had if you were using a JO wind defying air stripper.

That's sort of the idea behind doing this partly. Just how much of the things we do, or fix to the end of our barrels actually make a real difference and how much of it is just imagined?

It's a fun little hobby to take the piss out of Si for spending 180 on a tube with holes in it - but can anyone say with any real certainty that he's wasted his money? Who know's maybe he hasn't... it would be really nice to have a test we could do that would give us some real data, with opinion, pre-conceptions and shooter ability totally removed from the equation. We can really ramp up the piss taking then
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