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Originally Posted by NZSteyr View Post
Conor, just wondering, do you generally range on 80x and if not, why not?

Woody, why use an 80x scope if you are going to range on 50x and shoot on even lower power? Surely you could do as well by simply using a 50x scope?
I like my pal Woody use x50 to range, sometimes when its tricky and the situation merits it I will use x80. FOV is much smaller and can lead to difficulty finding the target also it can be a tad dark in the forest!

What car do you drive, if its got a 140mph top end speed, why drive at only 70mph?

What fixed x50 scope would you recommend?

The guy (Woody) probably likes the field of view at x30, Simon Ayers likes to shoot on x25 both these guys got 2nd in the Europeans and Worlds. It seems to work well for them.

Do you shoot FT and what scope do you use, also on what magnification?

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