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Cheers chaps

To answer some questions - yup these were with my TX200 Mk1 (I've heard people say in the past that springers give a better BC than PCP's - I'm getting a BC of 0.027 for die 19 (based on average velocities), it'd be interesting to see what others get with a PCP. These were at 55 yards (not far off 50m) on my measured test range in my back garden.

I chose 55 yards instead of 45 yards - because I've found that even pellets that seem to group quite well at 45 yards can open up quite significantly when they get to 55 yards - they're dropping quite fast when they get to 55 yards, so I guess they're more susceptible to pellet instability the further you go out. (just a guess)

Now these were all shot straight from the tin (literally - I had the 3 tins labelled up and sat next to me).

But for a bit of fun with numbers - have a look at the downrange velocities for die 34. What would happen if I could somehow sort those pellets so that I only used the ones that gave me a figure over 600fps.

I don't think this is possible, but hypothetically lets say that if I weighed, washed, lubed, sized and selected my best pellets with a BIC pen - suppose I could actually filter out the sub 600 pellets from the figures.

These are what the new filtered figures would look like from die 34 :-

Downrange Velocity (fps @ 50m) - Theoretically selected pellets
This is hypothetical don't forget!.
ShotDie 34
Std Dev3.5

The results over the chrono would be better - 6 fps on average faster than die 19. Better BC, but a greater spread.
Would that amount to much difference... well, in theory no I don't think it would - in fact the tighter spread of die 19 would theoretically give me more of an advantage than the higher fps and BC of the sorted die 34.

Again just hypothetical based on a very small sample (just 15 pellets) but that would support the theory that weighing, sizing and otherwise sorting your pellets is largely a complete waste of time, since I can get better results from die 19 straight from the tin unsorted.

Of course this could all fall completely flat on it's face when I've actually shot some groups with the pellets - interesting though I think.
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