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Default Kibby Open Rnd7 Results

A rather blustery day at Kibby today
I had been asked by a fair few shooters if I could change things around a bit as the courses had seemed a bit Similar over the past few rounds.
Having taken a day of work yesterday I did try to make it different and had changed a lot of shooting angles. Unfortunately as I hadn't numbered the targets this did cause a bit of confusion where a couple of target strings crossed each other.
I was asked to pull the target as a few people shot the wrong one.
I decided against doing this as the target was not faulty and if I had of pulled it I would have been one of the people that benifited from it being pulled and it would have moved me up to first place, which I don't think would have been fair on the person that did win and shot it correctly. I hope it didn't ruin to many peoples day and if we cross strings we will make sure that the targets are clearly numbered.

All scores done on CB

Rob Mobley 55
Greg hensman 54
Dave Whiteside 53
Geoff Ryder 53
Kevin Gaunt 53
Kieran Turner 53
Dave Smith 52
Gav Howling 52
Andy McLachlan 51
Ian Hunter 51
Joe Starmer 50
Wayne Marriott 50
James McLachlan 49
Chris Duplock 49
Finn Cochrane 49
Paul Andrews 48
Clive Evans 48
Dave Hunter 48
Simon Howarth 47
Andy Dickson 47
Roger Lait 47
Ian Howarth 46
Andy Wilkinson 46
Matt Goodson 45
Paul Brittain 41
Pat Conroy 41
Mick Goss Snr 38
Simon Minney 36
Bernard Harris 33

Kathy Thompson 50
Theresa Reed 47
Jenny Howling 47
Phil Bennett 45

Steve Whiting 47
Mark Thompson 45
Tim Harris 37
Lee Hurst 35
Mick Goss Jnr 31
Phil Escrest 27
Andy Conroy 23
Neil Varnam 23

Kit Jackson 47
James Howling 46
Elliott Reed 43
Bryn Evans 30

Barry Smith 47
Keith Warburton 37
Will Gabbott 34
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