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It's usually very obvious in HFT if a plate has been hit. There is an obvious 'dink' as opposed to a lower noise of a pellet hitting a tree etc. You do get the odd cowboy who has obvioulsy missed everything claiming a 1 for a plate. Just kidding themselves.

I joined a local club that had recently started up last year. Great club full of great blokes. Nice woodland course.

I also managed to get to 3 Nationals this year. Prior to joining this new club I used to do most of my winter shooting at Fort, Oldham and Rivi, in the North West. All quality HFT courses.

What I did notice that I think is a bit of a worry ... the National courses have definitely become harder to shoot ... and so have the courses at the top HFT clubs. Hardly any 40mm kills now. 35mm at the max distances and positionals are using minimum size kills allowed and at max distances ( not all ... but plenty ).

At our local club we are struggling to attract new members and have a healthy but smallish number of shooters. Same old same old ... landowner wants more money so it's important to try and get numbers up. The problem is, to try and attract new members and to keep the existing members happy the courses have to be courses that they can all enjoy. So the courses that are put out tend to be quite easy. We do follow UKAHFT course guidelines and there are 6 x mini kills and 8 other reduced kills ( below 35mm ). The other kills are mainly 40mm. The positionals are quite easy with decent kills at close ranges.

This is great then for giving everyone a chance of getting decent scores, especially with the 1 and 2 scoring. I managed a number of 58/60 and 56/60 scores with the springer. We have a number of hardened National shooters and they both usually score well into the 50's. The problem is that when the guys who want to shoot Nationals etc then attend those shoots it's very difficult to pick your game up to that level on the much harder courses.

I was destroyed at the Nationals ( ok 2 out of the 3 were very windy ) and managed a 49 at best. A number of guys that shoot at our club and get 50's will score low 40's and even sneak into the 30's at Nationals/Midlands. I'm hearing people say that they aren't going to shoot outside of the club shoots as they aren't shooting well enough and it's not worth travelling etc.

So it's difficult trying to make the club courses easy enough for everyone, whilst giving better / National shooters a decent practice with the gap seeming to expand in the standard of courses.

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