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I'm too thinking of shooting FT this winter.

I'd shoot it in recoil with a 77 in a Wilson FT stock and an old Custom Shop ( to start with until I realise I can't hit anything ).

I'm near Stoke so sort of in between the North West and Midlands groups. Either of those any benefit to a new FT shooter?

I suppose in travel time Byley is probably my closest ... 2 junctions up the M6 ( 20 mins ).

Would I automatically start in C class or do I go into recoil?

... Oh and Holly ... there is supposed to be a 2 min rule in HFT. It's not that strict. Marshalls tend to wander around and if they see someone is taking the Mickey then they will get the clock out and time them. If they are clearly over then they are warned and asked to speed up a tad. Repeat offenders can be asked to leave although I don't know if that has ever happened?

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