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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Thanks lads!
I've had a good life, done loads of stuff, been off shooting round the world and been World champion twice in my chosen sport/hobby. I made the next grade up from Black sash in my Kung Fu... got a beautiful wife and Daughter. I've really enjoyed my job as a panel beater, got a lovely house and family and friends, even managed to own my dream car...
Admirable? Heroic? Whatever it is, it's one hell of a way to deal with what and who you are leaving behind before you pass over to that Great Range in the Sky.
I hope that, when my time comes, I'll think about this like you do now. It's looking good (except for the panel beating and being World Champion, I can tick all the boxes and I feel pretty lucky), I have yet to find out what it's like to be in your position.

I don't know you, but I've been folllowing this thread with a mexture of hope and that feeling that I reckon a fly has when it's waiting for a windshield on a motorway. I hope you get the opportunity to bag plenty of shoots, banter, and joy in the time to come.
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