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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
If you score 2 for a kill and 1 for a plate,when you hit the kill the target falls 2 points but how do you decide if it's 1 point
After all with so many gun's going off,wind blowing across a target and plate's dinking all over the place,how do you know that the 40 yd 25mm target with 10mm of plate around it got hit
At least with field target score's it's clear cut,it falls X don't fall 0
Not generally a problem as your shooting partners are there to listen for a plate, it's usually fairly easy, occasionally in strong winds you have to listen carefully though. Come along to a national and have a go, I've actually shot plenty of FT grand prix's and have seen a few shooters hit the plate and pull the string claiming a kill or not pulling a target up that's been left down before shooting it and claiming a kill so no system is perfect. Both system rely on your shooting partner concentrating whilst you shoot.

At least with UKAHFT we have a set of rules that are followed and trained marshals that ensure compliance.
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