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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Best thing to do is to join a FT club and do the winter league . Kent Woodsmen as dave croucher says has an open this sunday ,it is a friendly club , not to big to forget your name like some . really you need to try the kit and then make your mind up . the scopes you mention are worthy but can be variable . nothing like trying before buying . remember buyer beware . unless you shoot over the arm the stocks you will be using have to be deeper than in HFT or have a lifter fitted . if you do the winter league it will give you the chance to see what people are using and ask WHY . then when you come out the end of the winter league you will be ready for some big comps ??? HOLLY
Cheers for the reply & sorry for the late one back.
I will be looking at FT clubs soon & possibly try to shoot some winter league if possible. I am jumping in at the deep end & going to try to make the Essex 50 I'll just try to make do with my little 3x12x44 SR-6 for now & hold over
I am still torn between the T35 or the T50, I think the T-50 may win due to being able to drop the mag if needed...
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