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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Edit: to come back to the Inters; our BFTA rep tabled a motion last year that the number of cards to count should be reduced from 10 ex 15, to give the smaller regions and Scotland a better chance of coming nearer the top. It was voted down - by the bigger regions.
I think that's because it was shown that although Swefta may come closer to the top in terms of the points gap being reduced, the gap would never likely be reduced to get to the point where it made a difference in terms of places, even if teams were tiny or just one. So the result would most likely be the same. Swefta in terms of mountain shapes is an Alp not a Himalaya, it just doesn't have the volume at the top no matter where you cut it off, in comparison in shooter strength of bigger mountains. And it's not because it's base is smaller either. Same goes for Wafta.

If that is to change, given that the rules won't probably change, or may not make any difference, then the region itself has to look into what to do. As ever it's like anything.... where are you now, where do you want to be, how do you get there? It can all be broken down into bite sized chunks, but it's probably too much for a thread like this.

What I would say is if the region didn't have it's AGM in almost the furthest tip of the country early on a Friday evening requiring at least an afternoon off work to attend (without even thinking of the drive back), then it might get some fresh perspective.
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