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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Using a lot of small kills on a windy day turns the shoot into a lottery shoot, I think the combination of one hard shot and one easy/medium shot per lane is the way to go full kills, Every bfta shoot these days seem to have standers that are in the 30 yard region(boring) why not have a 20 and 40 yarder, one easy and one hard....What ever your doing down in swefta..its not working...your inter regional scores tells you that,
you finish last most years, It could be all the reducers your putting out,
Off the point, but there are plenty of reasons for low scores at the Inters. One, the level of interest is not that high, frankly, and getting a team together is an effort. Two, the South West is one of the least populous regions so it stands to reason we are not going to have an abundance of world class shots, even if they were all motivated to take part. Whether what we do is working or not, I'll do my best to get you an invitation to a shoot so you can find out first hand.

On the matter of small kills and windy days, it's worth noting - which I didn't mention earlier - that our reducer targets can be switched from nominal half inch to nominal one inch kills in a matter of seconds; this adjustment is made as needed to suit the wind on the day.

Edit: to come back to the Inters; our BFTA rep tabled a motion last year that the number of cards to count should be reduced from 10 ex 15, to give the smaller regions and Scotland a better chance of coming nearer the top. It was voted down - by the bigger regions.

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