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Originally Posted by rich View Post
One reason why we've taken to using quite small kills here and there in this region, is that they make the shooter concentrate on technique, and accurate rangefinding and wind allowance are not so crucial.

Let's face it, you don't need a 500 scope to tell you that a half inch target at 23 yards is more than 20 yards and less than 25 yards away. For most rigs, the aim point barely changes a millimetre even if you are a yard out with the rangefinding at that distance. So a junior or new shooter with a S400 or even a S200 with a 6-24 front focus scope costing 100 or less, is just as capable with that relatively modest rig as they would be with a Steyr and a Sightron, for example.
Using a lot of small kills on a windy day turns the shoot into a lottery shoot, I think the combination of one hard shot and one easy/medium shot per lane is the way to go full kills, Every bfta shoot these days seem to have standers that are in the 30 yard region(boring) why not have a 20 and 40 yarder, one easy and one hard....What ever your doing down in swefta..its not working...your inter regional scores tells you that,
you finish last most years, It could be all the reducers your putting out,
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