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Originally Posted by Shaqa View Post
Im looking at fitting a 'Windometer' to my rifle, and am wondering if there is a current optimum design these days...or do i just tie a piece of wool onto the end of the barrel. If anyone has any successful designs can you let me know please. Pics might be nice as well. Thanks
Neil I think the trick is not to overthink it. Try something and if it doesn't work for you, try something else.

FT kit has been cobbled together over the years by shooters who experimented with stuff. Some weird and wonderful kit has appeared, as we have a general lack of rules regarding adding stuff to the rifles.

Mine's a bit of chenille AND a feather. How you use it is more important than what ts made of. And of course how you observe whats happening out at distance.

I seen a couple of our shooters blanking off one eye, smalbore style. Thats not giving you any extra feedback on the wind........backing your mag off to about 20x when taking the shot also can help apparently, as you get a wider field of view in front and behind the target just as you take the shot. Oh thats right, you just bought a fixed 35x didn't you.........

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