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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
Who is "the BFTA"?
I'd suggest it's those 2 or 3 club members that can actually be bothered to put in the effort to turn up on the day before in the rain.
They are probably the 2 or 3 who make the effort to turn up to regional meetings and the odd one of them also makes the effort to turn up to national meetings.

No they are probably not the best to lay out a course, but if they don't, who does?

And there is a guidance document sent out by the BFTA Competition Manager, which suggests some do's and dont's when laying out a GP course.
And you wouldn't believe how often it's completely ignored.
The BFTA is the governing body, I assume you know that already though and it's sarcasm? The point is that the willing volunteers, without whom the majority of competitors would have no targets to shoot at on a Sunday morning, are limited by their own experience of course setting. Suggesting some do's and don'ts guidance is hardly educational and having set out quite a few winter league courses in the past I've never seen any guidance issued at club level. Send me a copy if you like and I may change my view or better still put it on this site as a sticky, I'm sure Rob F will oblige. We're currently clearing new lanes at the club for winter league and I'd hate to get it wrong.

I'm not in any way demeaning those people who give up their time to put out targets and clear the lanes. I'm suggesting they need support and the BFTA seemed the appropriate body to provide that support. Many don't attend national meetings but what's that got to do with setting out a course?

Not sure what your point is but thanks for the heads up on the 'guidance document'.
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