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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Don't forget that all our targets don't have massive faceplates, try ranging by eye on a 25mm kill upto 40y with 10mm of faceplate around the kill & then tell me about inflated results. In windy conditions you are sometimes happy with the 1 point
I'm not dissing HFT i know it has it's own skill factor,i am just suggesting that as a newbe it look's better to come of a coarse with 30 x 60 rather than 15 x 30.
My point is in short ,we need new shooters.
At this years Euro's we had cash prizes for top 15 places,110 shooter with 40 capable of top 15 that leaves 70 people makeing up the numbers.
Without them the shoot is not financially viable,so if those 70 do not enjoy themselves then no shoot.
The original post was about easy targets,followed up by how the region ignores guidline's.
Yes it's fun to hit a 25mm at 50yds,but put that target on the plink not the coarse.
If i put a club coarse out with stupid target's the number's of the plinkers drop off,plinkers equal's ground rent,no rent money ,no ground.
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