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Originally Posted by fudge-1200 View Post
I don't think the gear has a lot to do with it, I started plinking at my local club about 18 months ago and in that time I have been lucky enough to put together 2 different setups a Steyr with quite a good scope also a S400 with a cheap BSA scope, after a disasterous comp at Blanau at the weekend using the Steyr, I am seriously thinking about selling it and just keep the 400 it is every bit as good as the Steyr, and after the weekend I think I could have hit more targets using open sights, so I don't think you need top quality gear to be good.
Gear has a certain amount to do with it Gary quite alot actually for most shooters, there is a reason no (that i can think of) AA class shoter is using an s400. Good guns, but no where near Steyr or Ev2 class. What ever you shoot it must all be set up and fine tuned properly.
My no 1 Apprentice struggled at Blaina on course 1 as the ev2 stock did not have enough height adjustment for the Anti Aircraft lanes, of which there were 13. By course 2 he did and put in a fair score. He is a bit rusty at the moment but i can clearly see huge leaps each time out and i know it is only a week or two before our normal level of competition is back, he will beat me one week me him the other, looking forward to it.

I dont really agree with teaching at shoots, i go to shoot and enjoy myself. I am a big fan of shooting with people I have not shot with before, that to me is what makes the sport on the whole so friendly. I cant understand why in some regions shooters are allowed to partner up with the same folk shoot after shoot. It opens no doors for newcomers to the sport. I am happy to shoot with any new shooter, but on the courses I am trying to hit target on, I may not be in teacher mode.
I am am planning to hit targets sunday at castle, at least 1 more than the fish!

We teach at Tondu on "club" days. Anyone that wants help only has to be a club member or guest for a day and all the help you need is there to set up, 8 - 55 yard boards etc.
Then we have both easy ft courses and Gp standard Courses to see why your missing. I aprreciate not all clubs have these facilities, but it certainly has helpded the Aprrentices. Well some lol.
Ft takes time, however not weeks and in some cases not months but years. Some are natural shots (Little Jack) while the rest of us have to work hard at it.

Bring your Steyr set up down one day Gary, I am sure you will be hitting 50% more by the end of the day
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