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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
Hi all,

They shot the same lanes but got one point for the face plate and 2 points per hit in the kill zone.
I think that may have been HFT rather than FT?

The rules regarding number of available targets and the scoring has been in place since day one so I'm not sure why the thread has moved onto alternative scoring. To be very blunt, if you feel you need an easier course you would probably benefit from more practice. I currently get rubbish scores because I've not practiced for 5 years. Rubbish scores don't put me off, driving a long way to record a rubbish score doesn't put me off, dropping like a stone through the grades from AA to who knows where doesn't put me off either because I know that I need to practice long and hard if I want to shoot as well as I did when I gave up 5 years ago but I'll still have fun regardless.

I think Neil's point about mentoring is excellent. I did my first winter league about 3 weeks after first picking up a rifle and I was fortunate that Cliffy was doing the league but not submitting a card (just practice) and as a result we buddied up at most of the rounds. I was a truly appalling shot but with Cliffy's help I gradually improved to became merely rubbish. The rest is history. Oh, how we used to laugh in the shower afterwards . Probably not practical on the really big shoots due to the level of concentration required but on opens and winter league I think this should be seriously considered.

To get back to the point and respond to Rich, I don't really have a problem with the BFTA rules as they currently stand but I have shot plenty of rubbish courses that are relentless, boring, predictable, pointless and some of these have been GP courses. My issue is there's not currently a consistently high standard of course building. I think the emphasis should not be on the rules relating to individual target size and placement but actually on helping those folk that build the courses. Perhaps the BFTA should research what shooters of all grades liked about a course and what they didn't and then produce a guidance document for course builders or maybe run a course on course building. Generally courses are built by the 2 or 3 club members that can actually be bothered to put in the effort to turn up on the day before in the rain and all respect to them for doing so but are they the best ones to lay out the course? At the end of the day regardless of my score the shoots I enjoyed most were on the courses that were the most fun. I did rubbish at North Oxon last week, I drove 250 miles round trip but I really enjoyed it because I liked the course.

Don't try to redefine the rules, just build better courses .

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