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Default Tough/easy courses !

Hi all,
I was at a shoot a while back and the layout was good all in all. Targets at the usual various ranges and some in bushes, some up trees etc.

The course was at the same level for all who attended, beginner or expert.
The only thing they did that i thought was a good idea, as in, not to put new shooters off was,
anyone who didn't have a top setup, grade a gun or was there for the 1st time, got to shoot the same course but with a change in rules.
They shot the same lanes but got one point for the face plate and 2 points per hit in the kill zone.

I heard a few say later they enjoyed it and would be back etc, that to my mind was better than putting them off by making them play against top shooters with more lane time and better gear.

I may be wrong, but i think adding more members to any club, boosting the sport and sharing the know how is as or maybe more important than just the shooting itself !

The better shots still get to shoot against each other but the less talented or those with gear not at the top level are not put off.

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