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Default Attendance at GPs

Originally Posted by skires View Post
We've talked about all this before ... and we digress I fear from the OP's definition ...

I keep hearing that some of the weaker shooters are getting concerned that courses are getting harder ... but attendances still seem to be very high.

Maybe the shooters aren't all that worried about scores or even the shooting but just enjoy going to the events.
If you look at the GP results I think you will find that A and AA are the bulk of the shooters.
I do agree that the 1 point 2 point system make's hft more attractive to new shooters,but all it does is give inflated results.
I think entry level expense also makes hft more affordable.
If you build a coarse with short,medium and long in mind then there is something for everyone.
I have lost count of how many time's I have heard , no one will clear that.
Skilful shooter,s do not want 50 yrd targets,30 ft up a tree on the edge of a field, they want targets they can use their skill to hit not see how lucky they are.

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