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Originally Posted by dhb View Post
As someone who has set up a FT group a year before making the 600km trip to the nearest FT club, the Troyer Factor gave me a rough idea of the relative difficulty of our competitions compared to the other clubs that publish difficulty ratings. We're all self-taught FT novices. Now that we're coming up on two years of competition, skill and equipment are improving. I'm setting up the targets so that the top couple of guys are getting about 50/60, the guys with decent basic equipment who practice a bit shoot about 30/60 and the novices are in the teens. These results occur with Troyer ratings of 25-30.

Canadian rules HFT is a more like FT without ranging than British HFT. With 2 points for a knock down and 1 point for a faceplate hit. Since we've added HFT into our shoots the novices who choose that option seem happier with their scores as shooting 50-60% of the maximum possible score is much less discouraging than shooting 10-20%.
I have come to the same conclusion myself regarding this I.e. that for the beginner the sense of achievement and therefore enjoyment is probably easier to achieve in HFT than FT because of the 1 point for a faceplate rule.
For many years the debate on course difficulty has been discussed, and I for one have thought that the sport needs to change, I will explain. Originally the sport evolved from a simulated hunting scenario, hence the animal targets that we have, I think that the sport (and it is now a sport) is far enough removed from the original concept to ditch the animal targets and use something more appropriate. My proposal is to develop a target that has two kill sizes, say 20mm and 40mm, the smaller one in front of the larger one, a hit on the smaller diameter would score 2 points, a hit on the larger diameter 1 point.
Of course the target would need to be developed, and how the relevant hits would be indicated decided, but if that could be achieved, I believe this would propel the sport to greater participation levels, and immediately solve the problem of making a course too easy for the expert, or too hard for the novice.
Comments please
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