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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
When I was at school we were told the Xylem and phloem vessels just under the bark transported the water and nutrients up and down the plant, puncturing these vessels will IMO cause the tree more stress and potential damage than strapping a target around it for a couple of hours during a competition.

I take my hat off to you sir, your a strong boy if can crush the trunk of a 200 year old Oak with a ratchet strap.

Also have a word with forestry worker about the relationship with bits of steel (screws and nails) and chainsaw blades!
Ok. Without going into by background. All i was correcting you on is that the OP asked for 'permanent' and 'removable' ways to fix target bases to trees to which you replied that screws etc, WILL damage a tree and that it would irresponsible to use such a method. I am educated and experienced in this field and while I agree that a ratchet strap would be ideal for short term placement, for 'permanent' fixture, a ratchet strap WILL cause FAR more damage if left in place and that screws etc will NOT 'Damage' a tree. FACT!

In conclusion, your idea of lightweight ratchets is ideal for tempory and removable placement.
If desired screws can be used without damaging tree stock for permanent placement, provided the land owner agrees and they are checked for tightness when required.

With regards to the comment about me asking a forestry worker, why don't you ask one where they make their cuts! Because I've never seen a target nailed 8 inches off the ground!
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