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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post

Christ on a bike now I've heard it all !
I think we need to see this in context. In Europe, nobody who has ever set out a course did so without ever having seen one in England.

Brad's index was for use in the USA, where they wanted to grow FT rapidly, and thus had to rely on course builders who had never been outside the You Ess of Aye, and as a result had never even seen a real FT course. They needed a guideline, and they needed it before the weekend. Thus originated the Troyer Index. Brad Troyer was a competitive FT shooter who actually *had* seen real courses in action in the UK... so he was one of the AAFTA's sources of reference.

So yes, to us, this may seem silly (it did to us in the Netherlands at the time...) but for rural USA shoioting clubs, it was all they had to go by.

So let's cut them some slack.
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